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From Concept to Completion
Robert Johnston is my name, Design is my game.
This is what I do.

Originally from Michigan, I came to California to pursue my Design Dreams. I love this work, it's challenges, and it's rewards.

My specific work history has helped mold me into a creative thinker that can actually know when to say a job is done. Having held many different types of jobs in my time that added to molding my work ethic and versatility.

Dishwasher/Cook/Waiter, Factory Worker, Delivery person, Construction (digging house foundations is not easy!), Ironworker (hundreds of feet up in the air with a tool belt in the thick of a snow storm, bolting I-Beams become fearless in life after that).

I like to think of myself as having an ability to take any ingredients, and create something great from them.

I believe that success is attainable in ANY situation. A design problem can have a solution, and that a product message and a quality design can work together, without sacrificing either, for a timely project completion.

For any employer, should you hire me, you will gain an honest, loyal, hardworking, and thoughtful employee that remembers that we are all people, and we all have a need to do a job well.

Thank you for reading, and please look over my resume and my portfolio at your leisure, to see if I'm a match for a position.